Five Ways to Collect Feedback with QR Codes

In a world that runs on speed, efficiency, and instant gratification, a QR code is one of the most efficient ways to help your business collect feedback, opinions, and comments on the go. With QR codes, all a person needs to do is simply hover their smartphone’s camera over the code and they’re ready for action. There are several ways to take advantage of QR codes to promote your survey and collect feedback, here are five of our favorite ways:

1. Printed Receipts

For years, businesses have been placing a URL linking to their surveys on the bottoms of receipts to direct customers to their surveys. The catch is that this tactic will only pay off if that person remembers or cares enough to seek it out when they get to their computer (not to mention the pesky, long URL). Replacing the URL with a QR code allows your customer access to the survey right on the spot.

2. Restaurant Menus

Restaurants and bars originally started utilizing QR codes as a contact-free method of directing their customers to their menu. This strategy quickly took off and many companies are moving forward with this feature due to the convenience it provides both their employees and customers. Why not take this one step further, by adding a QR code survey? This way, customers can share their feedback while they’re already seated at a table before they even leave the building. Not to mention, there’s no need for them to scrounge to find a pen for paper comment cards.

3. Marketing Signage

Gather feedback from attendees during a conference or in the hospitality industry from tourists at a Visitor Center by placing QR codes on flyers, signs, posters, or banners. The signage will grab the attention of your audience or you can direct them to it and ask for their feedback. The QR code will make it easy for them to complete the survey while the information is fresh in their mind.

4. Event Tickets or Programs

Movies, concerts, sporting events – it’s all about the customer’s experience. Give them the opportunity to provide feedback before, during, or after the event. By adding a QR code survey to their ticket, program, or on the big screen, you’re showing them that you want them to have a great experience, and enjoyed it so much that they want to come back for more entertainment!

5. Residential Cleaning

Have a QR code survey customized for your business card which allows your customers to provide feedback on staff performance, give testimonials, and generate a request to book their next appointment!

No matter which way you incorporate a QR code into your surveying strategy, you will be implementing a touchless, simple, easy, and convenient way for customers to provide valuable feedback about your staff and their overall experiences!

When it comes to setting up your survey’s QR code, leave it to the professionals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement QR codes and other effective survey strategies.

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