3 Signs it’s Time to Outsource your Business’s Survey Services

Collecting feedback is essential for the growth and success of any business. More often than not, surveys are pushed to the wayside due to lack of time, resources, and sometimes even value. If you’ve struggled with creating consistent, useful surveys, or have yet to even start collecting feedback, now’s the time. But the question is – are surveys something you can create and distribute internally, or is it time to outsource? We’ve got your answer. Here are three signs it’s time to outsource your business’s survey services.

1. Current Surveys Aren’t Proving to be Helpful

In order to create an effective survey, businesses must understand the importance of research, analytics, and overall time. Neglecting to follow the necessary steps can result in an unsuccessful survey, often meaning a loss of both time and money. Partnering with a strategic survey partner, like eAutoFeedback, can save you the loss that unsuccessful surveys may entail.

2. Sales are Decreasing or Stagnant

If your business is experiencing a decrease in sales, or has remained stagnant for long periods of time, it may be time to pivot. One of the most useful tools for determining where, when, and how to pivot are surveys. Allowing both current and lost accounts to provide feedback on their experience can help businesses better tailor their products or services to fit their audience’s needs. In fact, by taking steps to improve customer experience, businesses can reap significant rewards, commonly including increased revenue.

3. Employees are Unsatisfied

Businesses experiencing high turnover rates often face serious and costly challenges. On average, businesses will spend 33%1 of a worker’s annual salary to hire and train their replacement. Figuratively, for an employee making $45,000 a year, it would cost their employer nearly $15,000 to replace them. Luckily, there’s an easy way high turnover rates can be avoided. Providing employees with routine surveys can help employers identify their team’s concerns before they snowball into much larger issues.

When selecting the right company to outsource your survey services to, choose a company that cares. Our team at eAutoFeedback is here to support your business, working diligently to help design, implement, and analyze fully-customized surveys. Ready to see what eAutoFeedback can do for you? Schedule your free demonstration today.

1 Valerie Bolden-Barrett, "Study: Turnover costs employers $15,000 per worker", August 11, 2017 || HR Dive

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