Utilizing Surveys to Measure Staff Performance

Annual employee performance reviews are generally not favored by the employee nor by the manager or human resource professional who have to conduct them. Outdated procedures and lack of timely data collection make review time a hassle and it often lacks in value. However, utilizing surveys as an additional tool to measure staff performance can significantly cut down on both the time and energy normally spent. If you regularly conduct annual reviews, here are two major reasons why you should consider the use of surveys for this process.

1. Making Staff Performance Reports a Breeze

Survey Analysis

Often times, staff performance is a direct representation of a multitude of other factors, such as job satisfaction, communication and understanding of expectations, employee morale, and staff engagement. Measuring these factors can be both challenging and timely when using inefficient tools and outdated procedures, like when using paper surveys. By utilizing electronic based surveys, which include specific performance criteria to meet the mission of the business, human resource professionals and managers can gather employee feedback on a single platform. This makes collecting data a simple and easy task, allowing for more consistent and frequent feedback between managers and staff. Ongoing feedback can significantly contribute to greater employee job satisfaction and positive staff morale. Obtaining input from employees as well as giving detailed feedback back to them is vitally important. As a matter of fact, 61%1 of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs.

2. Surveys Are Completely Customizable

Survey Plan

Not only do surveys help make performance evaluations easy and thorough, they’re also completely customizable. We at eAutoFeedback work with our clients to determine the types of questions to ask in order to reduce potential bias in responses, and to provide comment sections with unlimited characters, so the employee can write as little or as much as they would like to express themselves on a given area of their performance. When it comes to collecting data, we also offer customizable reports which can include data and trending analysis, survey statistics, as well as summary reports, to ensure you get the data that matters most to you. Survey analytics are an efficient way to gather and reference essential data points that can help both pinpoint inefficiencies and improve employee performance.

Streamline your staff performance processes to save time and be able to generate more meaningful outcomes through the use of customized electronic surveys. Contact the survey professionals at eAutoFeedback today to see how we can help make your staff reviews simple and efficient.

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